Xmas Matchup

Programming and music by Geoff (DreamsOfGerontius.com)

Icons and background art by Nicola (NicolaSchofield.com)

In Xmas Matchup you try to collect 42 stars to fill your box. If you win, you'll reveal the hidden image and unlock the next level. Can you finish all 7 levels?

Click on Christmas items to remove them from the grid. If there are identical adjacent items, they'll all be removed in one go. New items will drop in from the top.

Stars shining over all the removed items will be collected. Uncollected stars are fixed in place and won't drop down.

If you collect more than one star in a single click, you'll receive bonus stars. If you collect 2 stars in one go, you'll get 1 bonus star for a total of 3. Collect 6 stars and you'll get an extra 5+4+3+2+1=15 bonus stars for a total of 21!

IMPORTANT: There aren't enough stars in the grid to fill the box!

Choose Christmas items carefully to create large groups so you receive enough bonus stars to win before the stars on the screen runs out!