Xmas Matchup

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And so this is Christmas!

Another year, another Christmas game to enjoy. For 2019 it’s “Xmas Matchup“, a Match Three Blast style game.

Click on groups of matching symbols to clear them and to collect the stars shining overhead. Collect enough stars to reveal the hidden image and unlock the next level.

The trick is that there aren’t enough stars on the screen to win the level. You have to collect large groups of stars in a single click so you get bonus stars. As the levels get harder, you’ll need to select symbols carefully to create large areas of stars. Good luck with all 9 levels!

I did the programming and arranged the music. This year features a brand new arrangement of “Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town”, but the other tracks are repeats from previous years.

Nicola, my wife over at neschofield.com, did the symbol graphics and background art. Check out her portfolio if you want some illustration work doing!

I like to write my Christmas games in simple, well-commented javascript so I can write a blog post tutorial (like this post from 2 years ago) as a probably unwanted Christmas gift. This year was a more panicked affair with the code for the game growing organically with no time to plan ahead. So, yeah, please don’t read the code and judge me!

A Merry Christmas to all and wishing you lots of puzzling and gaming fun in 2020.

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